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Cumplimiento y Seguridad Laboral

Nuestras soluciones de software respaldan sus esfuerzos en seguridad y salud laboral y protección del ambiente; también le ayudamos en la gestión de estas.

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Un sistema, muchas aplicaciones

Las soluciones de software KISTERS EHS (por sus siglas en inglés, Environment, Health, Safety) ofrecen una amplia gama de aplicaciones en las áreas de Salud y Seguridad Laboral, Protección Ambiental y Gestión de Materiales Peligrosos.

Nuestro portafolio incluye opciones para:

  • Salud y seguridad en el trabajo
  • Formación digital
  • Planillas de seguridad
  • Gestión de materiales peligrosos
  • Sistemas de información ambiental
  • Gestión de seguridad laboral

Nuestros sistemas de gestión apoyan a las autoridades y empresas en la implementación y seguimiento de sus tareas obligatorias en materia de seguridad laboral y protección ambiental. El objetivo es implementar todos los requisitos legales, facilitar el desempeño en todos los ámbitos y proporcionar una plataforma central para la gestión del cumplimiento.

Nuestra experiencia

  • Training Management

    Training Management

    The KiTrainer solution manages all training dates and deadlines, sends reminders via e-mail, and creates and manages certificates for seamless documentation to satisfy legal requirements, eliminating unnecessary stress for your supervisors and managers.

  • Occupational Safety

    Standard solutions in support of your occupational safety management and all tasks related to regional requirements.

    Occupational Safety

    Your single solution for Occupational Health & Safety

    WAUplusCM offers a solid basis for all Occupational Health & Safety requirements in your company. With our software, you will be able to handle and document all legal requirements, hazards, and protective measures. WAUplusCM promotes a structured approach keeps you firmly in the driver’s seat. Its focus is on the topics of Hazardous Materials Management (maintaining the hazardous substance register, EMKG (Workplace & Chemicals), etc.), Occupational Health & Safety Management (incl. risk assessment and operating instructions), as well as accident and environmental management (AwSV). The tool creates all required documentation for publication on your intranet, allowing you to distribute important information to all workplaces. Let’s talk about how WAUplusCM can become your central management system for Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).

  • Hazardous Materials Management & Product Safety

    State-of-the-art web-based software solutions for the classification and labelling of hazardous materials, for the creation of safety data sheets, labels, operating instructions, and for maintaining the hazardous substances register.

    Hazardous Materials Management & Product Safety

    Data Management for Business Processes

    SoCaL is a state-of-the-art web-based tool for the classification and labelling of hazardous materials, and for the creation of safety data sheets (SDS) and labels or operating instructions. SoCaL facilitates the management, versioning, and archiving of your products. Standard text modules make your daily tasks a whole lot easier and allow easy translation into other languages. Optional add-ons like exposure scenarios or the Hazardous Materials Management module transform SoCaL into a comprehensive and invaluable solution. Another benefit: SoCaL easily integrates into your existing IT systems via customisable interfaces.

  • Environmental Protection

    Module-based, central management system for comprehensive support in operational environmental protection and environmental management, including legally compliant documentation.

    Environmental Protection

    Information System for Environmental Management

    K3 Environment – the information system for environmental administrations – is a comprehensive solution with built-in transaction processing. A very useful set of functions, central data storage and data availability across a whole host of specialised applications, paired with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, plus a high level of user-friendliness will help you overcome any challenges you face in your daily tasks.

  • Hazardous Materials

    Software for the legally compliant application of dangerous goods regulations by various user groups (authorities, industries, forwarding agencies and hazardous goods consultancies) and for all modes of transport.

    Hazardous Materials

    Getting hazardous materials safely from A to B

    The transport of hazardous materials can pose serious risks for people and the environment. There are a whole host of laws and regulations to comply with to prevent all kinds of disasters. Companies, service providers, and enforcement authorities are faced with the additional conundrum that legal provisions are not just highly complex constructs: they are constantly changing and adapting to match new standards of science and technology. Systematic software support is indispensable for verifying regulatory relevance for multi-material transports, and, of course, the current status of regulations and personnel training progress.

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Creemos en la flexibilidad sobre la gestión de datos hídricos para desbloquear el potencial de los sistemas de información transversales. Es por eso que ofrecemos soluciones exitosas de gestión de datos hídricos desde hace más de 30 años.

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